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If you’re struggling to make ends meet because you owe a large amount of money to creditors but aren’t ready to file for bankruptcy, you may want to consider taking advantage of debt relief services. These services can work with you and your creditors to find a debt management plan that you can follow.

Using debt relief services may help to reduce the time and money it takes to eliminate your debt. One service that may be able to help you do this is American Credit Repair.

What They Offer

American Credit Repair states that their service works because they use the same pre-litigation process employed by consumer credit lawyers. Most other credit repair agencies simply use a credit dispute process, which simply asks creditors and reporting agencies to verify that credit report data is accurate.

Per American Credit Repair, most creditors don’t care about whether a bad mark shows up on your credit report, and the ACR system has a much higher success rate than the one used by most other services. The company also states that they can help you get approved for car loans and credit cards by helping you to understand the loan approval process and working to improve your credit rating.

To help ensure that you are right for their program and that they will be able to provide assistance, American Credit Repair offers a free consultation. The consultation will involve going over your credit history, and they’ll explain the types of fees you can expect. Fees are determined based on your circumstances and credit history.

American Credit Repair Review

– Pros

There are a number of people on the Yelp page for American Credit Repair who have very good things to say about the company. Several people have stated that the company was able to increase their credit score by more than 100 points. Additionally, a number of reviewers stated that the service was able to help them improve their credit rating enough to obtain home loans. The people who are happy with the service also state that American Credit Repair was very good at keeping the lines of communication open and that credit counselors were helpful and courteous.

– Cons

There are some very troubling reviews about the company, and the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The complaints on the BBB site indicate that people were not given the refund they were guaranteed by the company. Additionally, some Yelp reviewers stated that they had a hard time getting a hold of representatives after they had started paying the company.

– Overall

The major complaints about the company seem to be from a year ago or more, but it is concerning that people stated they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars with the company and had a bad experience. Additionally, the fact that they are not accredited by the BBB and have complaints against them does not speak well of the company.

If you’re willing to take a chance with the company, just be aware that they have failed to provide refunds in the past. That said, many people do seem to currently be having positive experiences.