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With so many high-priced credit repair services and cheap scams in operation today, people who have tight budgets are looking to credit repair books for help. Fortunately, many of the steps involved in credit repair can be done with a little invested time and knowledge. These are some of the top-rated credit repair books based on independent reviews around the web.

Total Money Makeover Workbook

This is a top-selling credit repair book on Amazon, and it is a New York Times Bestseller as well. Radio host and author Dave Ramsey penned the book, which is an actionable plan with education and goal exercises. Ramsey is called an excellent coach by . The book maintains four out of five stars on over 4,000 Amazon reviews. Although readers learn some credit repair tips, the main focus of the book is repairing credit and keeping it that way by exercising better long-term spending habits.

Spender’s Guide To Debt-free Living

Anna Newell Jones is a popular blogger and host of This book is a top seller on Amazon and uses the analogy of fasting in relation to spending. It guides readers through implementing a spending fast to regain control of their finances and teaches them how to be smarter consumers. People who spent out of habit called it useful in reviews especially for the satisfying free alternative activities suggested to replace shopping.

The Automatic Millionaire

This book by David Bach is also a top-selling book on Amazon and has consistently good ratings. The focus of the book is self-paying as a way to save later on. Bach points out the importance of saving and also explains how compound interest can grow exponentially over time with a few small self-payment tasks. Many readers liked how this book highlighted spending pitfalls and how there were actionable solutions suggested.


This book’s name is a term coined by the author. Bill Bonner is an entrepreneur. This New York Times Bestseller details what happens when there is too much of a good thing by using historical stories and events. It is rated highly by investors for showing them how to balance investments properly to avoid an “overdose” that leads to financial ruin.

Slaying The Debt Dragon

Author Cherie Lowe speaks from experience in this Amazon bestseller. As it is with many Americans in a tough economy, Lowe’s debt came from the pileup of daily living expenses rather than grand expenditures. According to Barne’s & Noble, the author shows how paying one bill at a time and God’s help guided her through the process of getting out of debt and rebuilding credit. The book is packed with helpful tips and actionable plans.

These are just a few of the many helpful books. When deciding whether to buy a book, research the author to ensure that he or she is an authority source in the field. Also, be sure to look for bestsellers using independent or third-party review sites.